concert programs

Don't expect a normal concert. In these familiar spaces, audiences are invited to experience the music in a way that engages both the seasoned concertgoer and the first time listener.  Recognized internationally for his innovative programs, Steuart has designed 4 solo programs and 5 collaborative programs for this tour that you won't want to miss! Click here to check out the tour calendar.

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solo cello programs

Bach & Beer

three suites and three brews!

"Top Ten classical music events of 2014" "More than an excuse to drink, however, more even than a brush with history, 'Bach and Beer' was an intimate encounter with music at the highest level." - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Just as many brewers follow a recipe that was used hundreds of years ago, so also Steuart's approach to playing Bach looks back on old “recipes” and methods of playing. Three Bach cello suites are interlaced with short explanations of Steuart’s historical, interpretive approach along with comments on the historical brewing method of each beer. These short comments will give the audience a guided listening experience that will give them a fresh ear for the Bach suites and a fresh taste for different brews! An ideal setting is obviously in a brewery! The program is 70 minutes with no intermission.


through form and function

A relaxed, fun program featuring virtuosic pieces from the earliest to latest music for solo cello without the endpin (1689-1875). Three different bow styles (baroque, transitional, and "modern") are used to sample works by Gabrielli, Bach, Dall'Abaco, Duport, and Piatti. It's a program that shows audiences how the form of the "tools" function in creating music of different styles. Everyone is free to ask questions throughout the program. An ideal setting for this program is a house or a similarly intimate setting. The program is 60 minutes with no intermission.

SILENCE / noise unconventional approach

Designed to help standard and new audiences understand and appreciate music that is not easy listening! Steuart presents several virtuosic staples of solo cello repertoire by Berio, Lachenmann, and Xenakis interlaced with pre-recorded audio of John Cage, Morton Feldman, and others talking about how to listen. The overlapping of audio clips and music create an engaging, radio-show-like experience that draws in young and old people alike. An ideal setting is a large, resonant space. The program is 75 minutes with no intermission.

Fall from Beauty

was, is, and is to come

Michael Gordon's Industry for amplified, distorted cello is a masterpiece that effectively shows how far we have gone from the beauty of the past.  Steuart's three improvisations serve as a "contemporary commentary" that guides listeners through an exploration of a D major/minor triad that are the core of Bach's D minor suite and Gordon's Industry. This program is designed to attract and appeal to youth and yet remain accessible to a typical audience. An ideal setting is a large, resonant space. The program is 60 minutes with no intermission.

The Bach Reader

Bach through music and readings

A program that will bring the audience into the world of J.S. Bach not only through his music, but in reading letters and stories of the composer. Featuring selections from three of Bach’s well-known cello suites, Steuart will present the readings interlaced with his playing, giving listeners a sense of Bach as a person. 

collaborative programs

What Wondrous Love

violin, cello, voice, reader

This program is designed to share the simple beauty and sincerity of early american sacred music with many types of audiences. Featuring spirituals and music from the early shape-note tradition in America, the program takes us on a believer's journey from repentance to hope in life eternal. The staging and audience seating is modeled after the traditional shape-note 'square' with the four performers facing one another in the center of the audience. An ideal setting is a church or large open space with movable chairs. The program is 75 minutes with no intermission.

Schubert Swan Song

violin, cello, piano (also in quintet version)

Step into a comfortable setting that is inspired by 19th century salon concerts and get to know the man Franz Schubert through his words and music. Works include Fantasia in C minor, selections from Schwanengesang, and Notturno in E-flat. These pieces, which were written in Schubert's last compositional year, are interlaced with short readings of his letters and other writings. An ideal setting is a house or similarly intimate space. The program is 75 minutes with no intermission.

Put My Tears in Thy Bottle

violin or viola, cello/gamba, voice, piano

A carefully sculpted program of text and music that explores three perspectives on the current human trafficking situation; The Slave, The Industry, and Hope in Suffering. Pre-recorded audio tells this story as the music of  Part, Gordon and Pincombe serve as a parallel narrative. Commissioned by and designed for International Justice Mission (NL)'s "Expressions for Justice". An ideal setting is a church or theater-like space (preferably with a audio and light system). Not suitable for very young children. The program is 60 minutes with no intermission.

Bach Conversations

violin, cello

Casual conversation is interlaced with music that shows Bach's mastery over the limitations of two voices. Selections from unaccompanied works, two voice canons (BWV 1080) and duets (BWV 802-805). Nothing fancy in this program - just incredible music and a chance to hear from the musicians up-close! An ideal setting is a casual/intimate cafe, pub, or house. The program is 60 minutes with no intermission.


5 or 8 strings, 1 piano, 1 organ, and 1 voice (or reader)

Designed for and premiered by the Credo Chamber Music Faculty, this program was designed to draw listeners into the shared qualities of English music between contrasting times. Music of Dowland and Purcell are intricately interlaced with the music of Britten and Vaughan Williams to create an effective portrayal of longing and hope. This contemplative program reaches it's climax with a central moment of silence - the program then continues in retrograde. An ideal setting is a large open space with the audience encircling the performers. The program is 75 minutes with no intermission.

solo cello programs

bach & beer
SILENCE / noise
+ Fall from Beauty
+ The Bach Reader

collaborative programs

+ What Wondrous Love?
+ Schubert Swan Song
+ Put My Tears in Thy Bottle
+ Bach Conversations
+ Lachrymae

standard solo and collaborative cycles

+ Bach: complete suites for solo cello
+ Piatti: caprices for solo cello
+ Beethoven: complete sonatas and variations for cello and fortepiano
+ Schumann: complete works for cello and fortepiano